Jan Ekier/Paweł Kamiński – “Introduction to the National Edition – Performance Issues”

This is Ekier?s final word regarding performance of Chopin?s music.
It covers all the basic issues of piano performance:
sound space (the range of Chopin?s piano),
sound properties (dynamics, articulation, accents, etc.),
timing issues (tempo, metronome tempo, rubato etc.),
formal issues (cyclical nature, repetitions),
purely pianistic issues (fingering and pedalling),
aspects as expression and semantics.

This book will surely become a global bestseller in the field of deeper understanding of Chopin?s style.

Professor Bronisława Kawalla
The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music

English version of this book is available in PDF file only.
You can download it from the PWM website: www.pwm.com.pl