Różne utwory

Various Compositions



Series B. Works published posthumously. Volume V.
Version with English and Polish commentary.
Second Edition (revised and expanded),
Foundation for NE/PWM Edition – Warsaw 2006.

Volume 29 B V (Various Compositions) contains works of greatly varying difficulty:
from the simplest of miniatures, belonging to the pedagogic repertory, to pearls of pianistic lyricism,
including masterpieces readily played by the most outstanding pianists:
Lento con gran espressione, Nocturne E minor, Impromptu C sharp minor and Funeral March in C minor, Ecossaises in D, G, D flat major, Contredanse, [Allegretto], Cantabile in B flat major, Presto con leggierezza, “Spring”, Sostenuto, Moderato, Galop Marquis.

Performance and Source Commentaries:
various compositions_commentaries


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