Concerto Op. 11 (concert score)

Concerto in E minor Op. 11 Score (concert version)



Score – concert version.
Series B. Works published posthumously. Volume VIIIa.
Version with English and Polish commentary.
First Edition. Foundation for NE, PWM Edition – Warsaw 2005.

The historical version of the score, based on the semi-autograph and parts of the first editions,
forms volume 18 A XVb.
The Concerto in authentic arrangement for one piano makes up volume 13 A XIIIa.
The version with the second piano, containing the reduction of the orchestra part, forms volume 30 B VIa.

The concert scores are a most particular form of reconstruction. The fact that they are based on various source types allows for slightly greater latitude in their interpretation. Yet thanks to the use of authentic sources, or others directly linked to such, they are closer to the creative intentions of the composer. The concert scores convey that which Chopin wished to be heard.

Performance and Source Commentaries:

Orchestral parts can be borrowed from the Library of Orchestral Materials of the PWM Edition,
Fredry 8, 00-097 Warszawa, tel. (+ 48 22) 635-35-50 / fax (+ 48 22) 826-97-80 / e-mail:


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