Concerto Op. 21 (with second piano)

Concerto in F minor Op. 21 (with second piano)



Version with second piano.
Series B. Works published during Chopin`s lifetime. Volume VIb.
Version with English and Polish commentary.
Second revised Edition, Foundation for NE 2002.

The Concerto in an authentic arrangament for one piano makes up volume 14 A XIIIb.
The historical version of the score, based on the semi-autograph and parts from the first
editions, forms volume 21 A XVe, and the concert version of the score, recreated by taking
into consideration also other sources which present Chopin`s intention,
constitutes volume 34 B VIIIb.

Performance and Source Commentaries:
Conc f-minor_2 pianos_commentaries


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